Why 5G not available in Redmi Note 10 series : Manu Kumar Jain Explained

Xiaomi India CEO Manu Kumar Jain posted one post about Redmi Note 10 series in facebook. He got some interesting replies

Redmi Note 10 series launching before in India many leaks and rumours suggests Note 10 series come with 5G connectivity but it’s not happened in India. Redmi launching only 4G smartphones.

Outside from India. Redmi Note 10 series go with 5G connectivity so Indian Redmi fans totally disappointed. Fans ask questions in social media about why 5G not available in India.

Manu Kumar Jain directly replied on Facebook posts. Manu Kumar Jain told “Now at the moment 5G network not available in India. 5G rollouts take minimum 3-4 years between that gab time users change smartphone 2 to 3 times”. Aslo he replied in his comment “5G Modem and antena costs few thousand rupees”.

Another fan comment after Why you can bring Mi 10T series in India with 5G supports. This question also Manu Kumar Jain replied “Flagship Snapdragon 865 come with only 5G connectivity”.

Manu Kumar Jain have more hope about every Redmi users change their smartphones within 3-4 years 2 to 3 times. It’s the reason why Redmi doesn’t bring 5G smartphone in India.

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